Google Product Marketing Management Intern

Who I am

Digital Pioneer & Strategist. Lover of All Things Marketing & Tech. Merage Business Student. Storyteller. #NastyWoman. 

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What I do

Create the best possible customer experiences through rigorous competitive analysis and data-driven innovation.

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Annette Hudson Nguyen
My Street Creds

My Street Creds

I've been lucky enough to work with awesome companies like Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Adobe, Kia Motors, a few start-ups, and more.


I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

— Michelangelo

My Stories

My Stories

Sometimes, I write articles.

Sometimes, I write articles. In the works are some tales of professional development, productivity, marketing technology, the impact of internet culture, sustainability, my thoughts on the latest tech news, and more.

My Creatives

My Creatives

Other times, I take photos of friends and clients, film short videos and shoot weddings, and make graphics for companies and organizations.